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The Band
& Side Projects

Felix y Los Gatos

Genres: Green Chile Gumbo Blues

Gigs: Blues Festivals, Local Venues, Special Events


The Gatos have traveled around the country playing big blues festivals and special events. The two core members are Felix Peralta (guitar & vocals) and D.B. Gomez (button accordion.) This duo of music masterminds has a distinct sound and an expansive repertoire that they have been building since 1998.

Felix "Gato" Peralta

Genres: Genizaro, Blues, Americana

Gigs: Music fests, cultural events, private events, busking

Felix Peralta is the lead singer and guitarist for the national touring band Felix y Los Gatos. He has toured and recorded with many grammy award winning artists including John Popper of Blues Traveler, Raul Pacheco of Ozomatli, and Michael Franti. Felix was invited to perform his award-winning song “Dos Corazones” for Arts Across America at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

Felix's songs open hearts and share the unique history of New Mexico to diverse audiences. While recording music and starring in roles for film, he also spends his free time giving back to his South Valley community where he works with local adolescents through the music organization New Mexico Academy of Rock and Blues.

Dos Gatos

Genres: Gypsy Jazz, Southern Swing, SW Polka

Gigs: Local haunts, blues trains, bistros & fests


Dos Gatos is Felix and D.B. Gomez, the core members of the main band. They play a gypsy jazz, New Orleans swing style mixed with New Mexico polka. They've been playing together for 20 years.

La Maleta Roja

Genres: Bluesy TexMex with Latin World Flare

Gigs: Festivals, Private Events

La Maleta Roja is a unique combination of two talented musicians that fill in the space between beats for each other. Eli del Puerto uses her vocal skills to harmonize with Felix’s voice and hypnotizing guitar riffs.


The dynamic duo switch lead vocal and harmonize with each other. They both sing, play guitar, bass, and hand percussion. Together they create a cornucopia of sounds with a blues, singer songwriter, and world-flare influence.

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